What we provide for you

Architectural Design

Nowadays, foreign investors and individuals look for unique architectural designs that accommodate their lifestyle, culture and needs. Our design team provides contemporary architecture and modern technology. We can build houses that appear to fly off the cliffs or excavate them into the ground, and make them seem invisible up until the moment you step into them! We adapt the construction to the topography of the land we build on, and the environment we build it in. “The creative process starts with the land” :says architect Erwin Heimgartner. He asks himself: “What is the best that can happen to this particular place? How can I create a construction that seems to grow out of the nature?. More interesting from point of view of originality is how to integrate the openness and ease of a modern design into the frame of conventional building.

Engineering + Statics

Our partner, Nikolaos Boursinos, is a civil engineer and leading company partner, he has professional experience in earthquake statics and realization process. In areas prone to earthquakes, such as Lefkas Island, with modern materials, the statics (safe grounding, walls that stay straight, roof that remains in place) are not a problem, even with much larger homes. Despite of tense building laws and earthquake regulations there are many opportunities for creating really amazing constructions.

Building Applications

Project managers oversee all aspects of the the building project, our office manages and is involved in all aspects of the construction process. We provide a cost estimate based on equipment, materials and labor requirements and we determine and schedule different stages of the building process according to client needs. During construction site visits, we monitor progress and ascertain whether phases of the construction process are in compliance with building plans and project deadlines. After building completion, may provide additional services for expansion and relocation projects

Urban Planning

Our team is highly experienced in urban planning and our experts cover all stages of a development process. Our engineers can offer you master topographics and regional plans and can develop strategies which are able to deliver solutions for complex urban problems. We can advise landowners, developers, investors and occupiers how a land can be joined or subdivided and we deal with the Greek public and private agencies.

Renovation + Reconstruction

Our office provides renovation and reconstruction services, our architectural design will transform your house into a contemporary and inviting place. Our portfolio shows some ideal examples of house renovations, where the modern simplicity meets the traditional intimacy.

Construction + Supervision

The company does not follow the philosophy of standardized designs, but provides professional advice and support to the client through specific integrated steps, which guarantee a successful accomplishment of the client’s expectations.B-H-Design gives the result to the client according to the contract agreement and existing legislation at the place of the implementation of the project by using qualified personnel of the Engineer, subcontractors and work methods. Our office provides effective solutions for any problem that might rises during the design and construction process. Our experts’ and technicians advise, suggest and help you to make a right choice.